Hi! 👋 My name is Scott.

I'm a game, web, and open source tool developer.

I've released 150+ open source projects on GitHub, I'm close to publishing my first game 🃏 Flip Jacks, I've won two awards for 🏆 Best in VR and 🏆 Best of Accessibility at the 2020 MIT Reality Hack, and I run the Purple Monkey Game Jam.

Match Attack

Match Attack is a memory game with a twist. Collect tiles that can then be used against an evil clown hell-bent on killing you.

Made for Global Gam Jam in Jan 2021

Play Game / GitHub

Card Against Undefined

An online version of Cards Against Humanity with support for playing with expansions and custom decks.

Play Game / GitHub

Smoothie Operator

Smoothie Operator is a Unity port of an HTML JavaScript canvas game made at the Purple Monkey Game Jam.

Play Game / GitHub

Flip Jacks

A physics based poker game in AR.

Learn More

Fractal Visualizer

A tool for generating high resolution, randomized fractals.

Coming Soon


A simple log aggregation tool.

Download / GitHub

Top Down

A simple, read-only, Trello board aggregator.

topdown.app / GitHub