About Me

By day I am a web designer and developer, by night I'm an aspiring* game developer. I've been teaching myself Unity for a little over two and half years and have built some fun prototypes, none of which have been released to the public. However, while working on these prototypes, I've amassed an extensive collection of reusable components which I've published on the Unity Asset Store.

*I'll remove this once I've released something

Recent Projects

Flip Jacks

flipjacksgame.com / @flipjacksgame iOS Android AR

Flip Jacks is physics based poker in AR. In this game, you rely on speed and luck, rather than betting and bluffing. For this reason, Flip Jacks can be enjoyed by those who don't know anything about (or even like) poker. The AR component of Flip Jacks allows you to throw digital cards on to a table in the real world. The goal of the game is to make a better hand than your opponent by playing or discarding the cards in front of you.

Untitled Solitaire Game

iOS Android AR

An untitled solitaire game made with the purpose of learning how to manage a central codebase for use with multiple Unity projects.

Untitled VR Sword Fighting Game

VR Oculus

An untitled VR sword fighting game that utilizes CandyCoded's XR Components library.


Unity Asset Store / candycoded.xyz Unity C# Open Source

CandyCoded is a collection of useful components and extensions for building in Unity. Whether you are building a quick prototype or a production-ready experience, CandyCoded will help you get there.

ARFoundation Components

GitHub Repo Unity AR ARKit ARCore C# Open Source

Generic components for use with Unity's AR Foundation package.

XR Components

GitHub Repo Unity VR Oculus C# Open Source

Generic components for use with XR.

Unity iOS Bridge

GitHub Repo Unity iOS C# Objective-C Open Source

Bridge for requesting state from an iOS device


GitHub Repo Unity CI Jenkins Testing

Bash scripts for running Unity tests on continuous integration services

Top Down

topdown.app Web React PWA Open Source

Top Down is a simple, read-only, Trello board aggregator built in React.


GitHub Repo Web React Desktop App Open Source

A desktop app log aggregation tool.

Untitled Golf Game

iOS Android AR

An untitled golf game that is played primarily in AR. Some levels would be pre-built, while others could be generated based on the real world environment around the player.

Smoothie Operator (Unity Port)


In the not-so distant future where food trucks are in such high demand that they needed to take to the skies, people do whatever they can to place orders for smoothies. Whether it's by jetpack, grappling hooks or their natural ability to fly, people are placing a lot of orders. Your job, as this flying food truck's only robotic blender, is to fulfill as many orders as you can before too many customers get angry and leave.

Untitled Fractal Visualizer


An untitled fractal visualizer that will place you in a void with the ability to create and interact with fractals generated using the chaos game method. Once built, the fractals will react not only to your interactions but the accompanying music.

Endless Runner

iOS Android Open Source

This untitled endless runner is a game and a learning/teaching tool. It will be released on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. The source code will be available on GitHub with an accompanying video series on how to build an endless runner from scratch.

Random Prototypes