I've released 150+ open source projects on GitHub, I've won awards for 🏆 Best in VR and 🏆 Best of Accessibility at the 2020 Reality Hack Logo MIT Reality Hack, I run the Purple Monkey Game Jam Logo Purple Monkey Game Jam, given talks at Boston Game Dev meetups, and I just released my first game for mobile platforms called 🃏 Flip Jacks.

Flip Jacks logo which is the top left of a Jack card.

Flip Jacks

Flip Jacks is a physics-based poker game in AR. Each game takes only 30 seconds. Can you flip your way to a winning hand?


A zero-config cli for building static websites.

Create a new project quickly using npx create-onlybuild-app@latest.

Screenshot of the README.md for the onlybuild repo detailing the features included in the project.

Rhythm Game Utilities

This library is a collection of utilities for creating rhythm games like Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band. It is meant to be used within any game engine that supports loading C++ libraries, such as Unity, Unreal, and Godot.

Handcrank Engine

Handcrank is a game engine built in C++ on top of SDL with a focus on a simple, Unity GameObject-like object class structure inheritance. Handcrank is currently in active development.

QR Code Generator

Frustrated with the quality of existing free (and paid) QR code generators, I built this tool to be simple, free, and without data analytics.

Screenshot of a generated QR code.

Secret Scene

An OBS automatic scene switcher for sensitive applications. Works on the same machine OBS is running on or another computer on the same network.

Screenshot of the macOS version of Secret Scene.


This homebrew distributed CLI generates local CHANGELOG.md files without access to a repo's remote via an API. The latest version has been ported to Rust for improved performance.

Screenshot of a CHANGELOG.md file generated by generate-local-changelog.
CandyCoded icon which is a pink lollipop.


CandyCoded is a collection of useful components and extensions for building in Unity. Whether you are building a quick prototype or a production-ready experience, CandyCoded will help you get there.

Screenshot of the README.md for the CandyCoded repo detailing the features included in the project.
doxdox icon which is a closed book with a bookmark.


doxdox is a tool for auto-generating documentation using JSDoc headers locally or via a hosted platform pointed at a public GitHub repo.

Screenshot of the doxdox.org landing page showing off examples of different output from doxdox.
Match Attack icon which is a crazed raccoon.

Match Attack

Match Attack is a memory game with a twist. Collect tiles that can then be used against an evil clown hell-bent on killing you. Made at the Global Game Jam in January 2021

Picture of the logo for Match Attack which is the words Match Attack over two arrows for a bow. Surrounding it are different example of tiles that can be matched in the game.
Cards Against Undefined logo which is two white cards and a black card fanned out like they are being held up.

Card Against Undefined

An online version of Cards Against Humanity with support for playing with expansions and custom decks.

An iPad and an iPhone both playing Cards Against Undefined showing the user selecting a black card.
Icon of a strawberry, one of the fruits you can collect in the Smoothie Operator game.

Smoothie Operator

Smoothie Operator is a Unity port of an HTML JavaScript canvas game made at the Purple Monkey Game Jam.

Top Down

A simple, read-only, Trello board aggregator.

A demo showing two Trello boards combined into one board.


Command line tool for getting the download URL for the latest or specific version of Unity.


▲ A heavily opinionated starter template.